Our ImpactNuestro impacto

See what a difference we make ~ Vea el impacto de nuestra obra comunitaria!

Here you will find reports and a recent snapshot of our impact empowering families in Central Oregon. Keep in mind that many of the outcomes we produce are intangible and difficult to measure, such as friendships created as a result of English Tutoring, or increased self-esteem and less isolation resulting from being more connected to the community through volunteering and increased knowledge of community resources.


Making an Impact in Our Community

Impacto en nuestra comunidad




families received health coverage through Cover Oregon

received free or low-cost dental services

students engaged in weekly 1-on-1 tutoring in English and/or Computers

people engaged in Workforce services (resume, referrals, job applications, etc.)

translations/interpretations completed

free legal consults

served at a local Mobile Mexican Consulate

2014-2015 LCA Annual Report