SEPT 12 - 19, 2020

The Latino Community Association's efforts to advocate for the Latino and immigrant communities has taken a more bold and direct approach after the change of governance 4 years ago. We saw that our clients, neighbors, and friends were being targeted for their country of origin and the color of their skin. We approached cities in our region with a clear request: Join Welcoming America and commit to values of equity and inclusion. So far only Bend has taken up the offer to join Welcoming America and take on the intentional journey to work on creating a culture where everyone feels and is welcome to participate fully in our community, which allows all to prosper.

La Semana de Bienvenida - Welcoming Week is one of the many ways in which the City of Bend incorporates, and works intentionally to create equity and inclusion within our community. This is the 4th year that Bend partners up with community based organizations and individuals to create experiences that center people of color, immigrants, and other marginalized community members.

Latino Community Association is a proud sponsor of Welcoming Week 2020.


Welcoming Week Kick Off

Friday, September 11. 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. Facebook Livestreams on Latino Community Association's page.

Esta manifestación de solidaridad virtual centrará las experiencias de comunidades tradicionalmente marginadas, escuchando miembros compartir lo que significa sentirse bienvenido. La manifestación será una oportunidad para que la comunidad mejor simpatice con las experiencias de miembros comunitarios desatendidos y obtenga una mayor perspectiva sobre lo que significa ser un aliado.

This virtual rally will center the experiences of traditionally marginalized communities as they share what it means to feel welcome. The rally will be an opportunity for the greater community to better understand the experiences of underserved community members and gain greater perspective on the meaning of allyship.

LatinoFest 2020

Saturday, September 12. 1 – 2:30 p.m. Facebook Live on Latino Fest page.

¡Latino Fest está de regreso como evento virtual! Este año Latino Fest incluirá entrevistas con empresarios Latinos locales, videos culturales resaltando personas Latinas de Oregon Central exponiendo sobre sus países y videos musicales. Una celebración de la resistencia de la increíble comunidad Latinx de Oregon Central.

Latino Fest is back as a virtual event! This year Latino Fest will include interviews from local Latino business owners, cultural videos of local Latino individuals showcasing their countries and great music. A celebration of the resilience of Central Oregon’s incredible Latino community.

Advocacy Day in Bend

Monday, September 14.  6 – 7:30 p.m. Latino Community Association Facebook Live

Día de Abogacía en Bend! Venga y conozca virtualmente a nuestros representantes de la Ciudad de Bend, conozca las iniciativas en progreso y defienda a su comunidad durante nuestro foro virtual. Los intérpretes de español ayudarán a los residentes cuyas voces generalmente no se escuchan a comunicarse con el personal de la Ciudad y los funcionarios electos.
Come and virtually meet our representatives in the City of Bend, learn about initiatives in progress, and advocate for your community during our virtual forum. Spanish interpreters will help residents whose voices are not usually heard to communicate with City staff and elected officials.

Loteria Game Night with the Bend Police Department

Friday, September 18. 5 – 8 p.m. Vince Genna Stadium, 401 SE Roosevelt Ave, Bend, OR

This in-person event will offer an opportunity for impacted communities to join Bend Police Department (PD) in a game of Loteria, using cards designed by Bend PD. There will be presentations from specialists in the Bend PD to help community members learn about the various resources available within the department. Spanish-speaking community members are invited to stop by the traffic safety booth to better understand Oregon laws and DMV requirements. Pan dulce, coffee and hot chocolate will be provided.

Noche de juegos de lotería con el departamento de policía de Bend será un evento presencial que ofrecerá una oportunidad para que comunidades afectadas por desigualdad se unan al Departamento de Policía de Bend (PD) en un juego de Lotería, utilizando tarjetas diseñadas por Bend PD. Habrá presentaciones de especialistas en Bend PD para ayudar a los miembros de la comunidad a conocer los diversos recursos disponibles dentro del departamento. Se invita a los miembros de la comunidad Latinx a pasar por el puesto de seguridad vial para comprender mejor las leyes de Oregon y los requisitos del DMV. Se proporcionará pan dulce, café y chocolate caliente.

Join the effort to make Central Oregon WELCOMING to ALL! 

  • We are committed to support and uplift the Latino and Immigrant community across Central Oregon, because our mission of helping families thrive can only be fulfilled if values of inclusion and equity are at the core of our culture and governance.
  • The Latino Community Association and the City of Bend invited community members, non-profit agencies, businesses, and leaders of all sectors across Central Oregon to sit in on a learning opportunity with George Zavala, Welcoming America’s Western Regional Manager on 8/4/2020, in an effort to further this dialogue in our region.
  • Sign up to be an advocate in your community, and help shape a culture of inclusion in your city and county. LCA wants to support leaders like you across Central Oregon.

Join the movement of inclusive communities becoming more prosperous by making everyone feel like they belong!

To learn more, visit https://www.welcomingamerica.org
Email admin@latinocommunityassociation.org if you are ready to join this effort.