CITIZENSHIP PREP PROGRAM ~ Programa de Preparación Para La Ciudadanía

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These resources may be useful to citizenship applicants who are proficient in English and can use online materials to implement the citizenship process on their own.

Estos recursos pueden ser útiles para los solicitantes de ciudadanía que son competentes en inglés y pueden utilizar los recursos de estudiar en línea para implementar el proceso de ciudadanía por su cuenta.

Si necesita más ayuda y apoyo- comuníquese con Latino Community Association 541-382-4366 o Oscar Gonzalez, Latino Community Association, Program Manager @ 541-350-8133, para ser considerado para nuestro programa de tutoría.

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  • Interview

  • Application

  • Civics

  • English Writing Test

  • English Reading Test

USCIS Overview
of Interview and Civics Test

Submitting N-400 Application

Be sure to keep a copy of your completed N-400
Application and review it before your interview.

Be sure to keep a copy of your completed N-400 Application and to review it before your interview.

Application, N-400

This form must be filled out completely and truthfully. Part 12 questions 1-44: You will probably answer “No” to most or all questions. Answering “Yes” will NOT mean you will be denied, but in some cases you may need to have a lawyer assist you with your application.

We recommend contacting LCA after completing the form, but before submitting it. (See below for resources to submit your application.)

Note: USCIS can take 3 or 4 months after receiving your N-400 Application to schedule your Interview/Test.

Other Resources

  • Practice Questions for Interview - Interviewer will ask general conversation questions and questions based on your N-400 Application. Interviewer can ask any question based on your N-400 Application (and they may ask quite a few). Here are some examples.

Civics Test

The Civics Test is an oral test. There are 100 possible questions. You will be asked 10 of these questions. You need to answer 6 of the 10 correctly.  

The LCA Citizenship Program teaches the 2008 Civics Test.  USCIS has gone back to giving the 2008 Civics Test, instead of the 2020 test.  The 2020 test is longer and more difficult.

Other Resources

English Writing Test

The interviewer will read a full sentence that may contain any of these words. There are 3 sentences for you to try. You must write one sentence correctly on a tablet.

English Reading Test

An applicant must read aloud one out of three sentences correctly to demonstrate an ability to read in English. The sentences will appear on a tablet and may contain any of these words.