Volunteering changes lives!

¡El voluntariado cambia vidas!

Join our family!  If you are interested in participating in the community and helping others in need, step up and lend a hand. It’s just a matter of giving a bit of your free time, sharing your knowledge, and helping out.

Remember that if we don’t help each other we will never build a community we can truly be proud of. Join our Volunteer Team and make a difference!

¡Únete a nuestra familia de voluntarios! Si estás interesado en integrarte en la comunidad y ayudar a otros en sus necesidades,  las cuales creo que alguna vez todos hemos tenido, no dejes que eso mismo le pase a otra persona. No dudes en levantar tu mano y decir “yo me ofrezco”, “yo puedo ayudar”, “yo quiero participar en la comunidad”.   

Es solo cuestión de regalar un poco de tu tiempo libre, de tus conocimientos, de tu ayuda. Recuerda que si no nos damos la mano entre nosotros mismos, nunca vamos a lograr una sociedad digna de admirarse.

"Voy a seguir ayudando hasta que ustedes me lo permitan!!! I love LCA!"

"I have really enjoyed and appreciated this experience. I feel much better connected with the local Latino community as a result. My time and efforts have been appreciated while my time constraints have been respected, without pressure to do more than I am able. Thanks for the opportunity to collaborate!"

Volunteer Opportunities

The goals of our volunteer program include offering opportunities to the community to help increase the capacity of LCA, providing bi-lingual support for community projects, increasing people’s skills and knowledge by way of direct experience, facilitating cross-cultural exchange, and developing new community leaders.

Programa de voluntarios

La meta de nuestro programa de voluntarios es ofrecer oportunidades a la comunidad para fortalecer el funcionamiento de LCA, involucrarse con proyectos comunitarios, capacitar a las personas por medio de la experiencia, facilitar intercambios culturales, y crear nuevos líderes en la comunidad.

How can you help? Como puede integrarse para ayudar?

  • Be an English tutor — call for info. / Enseñar Español o Ingles
  • Help us maintain/improve our website; develop our e-newsletter; build our social network
  • Answer phones, organize the office, and maintain our computers
  • Help us raise funds to sustain our programs
  • Join a working committee (marketing, fundraising, programs, finance, HR)
  • Help with event support (set up, oversight, clean up, coordination)
  • Day of the Dead Celebration / Dia de los muertos
  • Redmond Festival of Cultures/ Festival de Culturas


Many Ways to Make a Difference * Muchas oportunidades para ayudar

Community Building Volunteer Opportunities

Tutor Basic Computing

Tutor Basic Computing

Only 16% of our clients use a computer.

You can make a HUGE difference helping someone learn the basics and build confidence to continue learning.

1 or 2 days/week for 1-2 hrs/week

We provide materials, laptops and space

Tutor English

Tutor English

Connect with your Latino community and make a direct impact on another's life.

1 or 2 days/week for 1-2 hrs

We provide training and materials

Childcare Assistance at English Classes in Bend

1 or 2 days a week for 1-2 hours

Interpret at Free Tax Filing Clinics

Interpret at Free Tax Filing Clinics

Personas bilingues (Espanol-Ingles).

We need help making free tax filing assistance accessible to families with limited English proficiency.

February 1st to April 15th
Un turno de 2 horas minimo (y mas si se anime)

LLAMENOS al 382-4366

Technical & Marketing Volunteer Opportunities

Website Assistance & Social Media

Website Assistance & Social Media

Do you really get the web and the whole interconnectivity thing? Help make our site irresistible.

2-3 week project, 4 hrs/week

Need to know your stuff or at least have great ideas

Marketing Assistance

Marketing Assistance

Help us develop our AMIGOS of LCA membership outreach campaigns.
Fun. Creative. Truly impactful work. Help create a stream of sustained
funding and some creative, fun activities.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Plug our upcoming activities and opportunities into our MailChimp
software to dazzle our family of eagerly awaiting fans making it
impossible for them not to get involved and support LCA!

Event Volunteer Opportunities

Gala de Oro Committee

Gala de Oro Committee

Help us plan and execute our 2nd Annual Gala fundraiser scheduled for April 15, 2017.
Help determine the event details, decorations, music, raffle items, sponsors, etc.


2-4 hours a week between January and April 2017

Festival of Cultures

Festival of Cultures

Join our planning committee or take on one of the many tasks that make this incredibly colorful celebration of diversity take form. Help recruit, train and manage volunteers. Recruit people willing to put up a booth/display that shares their culture. Offer small, local businesses the opportunity to set up a commercial booth
Become a sponsor or vendor yourself!

The possibilities are endless!
Please contact us if you want to help!