Latino Community Association offers the following translation/interpretation services:


For Clients (minimal charge for some documents - donations accepted - discounts for Amigos members)

  • Interpretation of written correspondence (bills, letters, forms, etc)
  • Phone interpretation (with landlords, to make appointments, negotiate bill payments, etc)
  • In-person interpretation (at appointments)
  • Written translations (letters, resumes, etc.)

For Businesses  (LCA Translation Service Info Sheet) Discounts for Amigos members

  • In-person interpretation (employee reviews, worker-employer and landlord-tenant mediation, etc.)
  • Written translation (brochures, ads, fliers, web content, etc.

Sample of our clients: Oregon Wild Harvest, City of Bend, Red Lion, St. Charles . . .


For Non-Profit Organizations (free of charge or fee for service)

  • Written translation (brochures, ads, fliers, web content, etc.)
  • Phone interpretation (with clients, to make appointments, clarify program guidelines, etc)
  • Interpretation of written correspondence (letters, forms, applications, etc)

Brief, simple document translations and/or brief phone interpretations are typically provided free of charge to our non-profit partners.

Sample of our clients: Central Oregon Council on Aging, United Way of Deschutes County, Enlace, Bend Hospice, Ronald McDonald House, Bend Fire & Rescue, Bend Parks & Recreation, Deschutes County, US Forest Service, Kids Center, Central Oregon Children's Forest, . . .