Cultural Enrichment Program
Enriquecimiento Cultural

We strive to add value to our communities by providing cultural events and activities that enrich Central Oregon.  We sometimes take the lead on projects and sometimes we support projects of other community groups.  These events and activities provide a crucial space where members of our communities from all corners of the world can interact in positive, productive ways to enrich their lives, feel good about who they are, and build a more cohesive, resilient society.

Cultural Events and Activities we provide or have provided:

  • Gala de Oro (April-May) since 2014
  • Festival of Cultures (September in Redmond) from 2007-2016
  • Latino Fest (September in Madras) since 2017
  • Empowering Families Luncheon (December) since 2010
  • Welcoming Week (September in Bend) since 2017
  • Day of the Dead/Dia de los Muertos (November 1&2) First Friday Art Walk event
  • Fiesta del Sol (August) once in 2008
  • Latino Film Fiesta (March) 2008-2011
  • Independence Celebration (September 15, 2007)
  • Christmas Posadas Community Dinner (December) 5 events since 2006

Event Volunteer Opportunities

Gala de Oro Committee

Help us plan and execute our Annual Gala fundraiser.
Help determine the event details, decorations, music, raffle items, sponsors, etc.


2-4 hours a week between November and May

Interested? Click on VOLUNTEER below or call our Volunteer Manager at 541.325.9407

Latino Fest (Madras)

Join our planning committee or take on one of the many tasks that make this incredibly colorful celebration of diversity take form. Help recruit, train and manage volunteers. Recruit people willing to put up a booth/display that shares their culture. Offer small, local businesses the opportunity to set up a commercial booth
Become a sponsor or vendor yourself!

Interested? Click on VOLUNTEER below or call our Volunteer Manager at 541.325.9407