Our Programs Nuestros Programas

Workforce Education & Training

Capacitación Laboral

workforce training

The goal of our workforce empowerment program is to provide and promote services that strengthen the position and skills of our clients in the workforce.  La meta del programa de desarrollo laboral es ofrecer y promover servicios con el propósito de fortalecer y desarrollar las capacidades de nuestros clientes en el campo laboral.

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Family Empowerment

Desarrollo Familiar

Family Empowerment

The goal of our Family Empowerment program is to strengthen whole families by increasing access to services and opportunities that are a high priority for our clients.

La meta de nuestro programa de desarrollo familiar es fortalecer a la familia entera mejorando el acceso a los servicios y oportunidades que son de alta prioridad.

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Healthy Families

Familias Sanas

Healthy Families

The goal of our Healthy Families program is to promote and sustain good health outcomes for all the members of our Latino families. We give particular attention to providing services, through partnerships, that address the gaps in health services that our families experience.

La meta de nuestro programa de FAMILIAS SANAS es promover y sostener la buena salud de todos los miembros de nuestras familias Latinas. Nos enfocamos en proveer, a traves de las asociaciones con los proveedores especialistas, los servicios que responden a las deficiencias u obstáculos de los servicios de salud que existen en nuestras comunidades.

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Cultural Enrichment

Enriquecimiento Cultural

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The goals of our cultural enrichment program are to recognize the contributions of Latinos to the vast diversity of cultural expression that makes up our American society, to provide opportunities for our local Latino community to share their cultures, and to add value to Central Oregon's cultural offerings by hosting and coordinating cultural events and exchanges.

La meta de nuestro programa de enriquecimiento cultural es reconocer las contribuciones de los Latinos a las diversas expresiones culturales que forman la sociedad americana, proveer las oportunidades para que nuestra comunidad Latina puede compartir sus culturas, y aumentar el valor de la economia cultural en Oregon Central por medio de coordinar y ofrecer algunos eventos e intercambios culturales.

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Youth Rising Program

Desarrollo juvenil

Latino Community Association youth development program

Our Youth Rising Program is aimed at school-age Latino youth from low-income, immigrant families. Our goal is to provide relatively simple, yet impactful interventions that produce lasting change, propelling our kids to succeed in school and in life. We are developing a series of integrated services with several community partners that focus on bilingual literacy, cultural literacy, social-emotional skill building, fun, adventure, and leadership development.

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Volunteer Opportunities ~ Programa del Voluntariado 

The goals of our volunteer program include offering opportunities to the community to help increase the capacity of LCA, providing bi-lingual support for community projects, increasing people’s skills and knowledge by way of direct experience, facilitating cross-cultural exchange, and developing new community leaders.

Las metas de nuestro programa de voluntarios son ofrecer oportunidades a la comunidad para fortalecer el funcionamiento de LCA, involucrarse con proyectos comunitarios, capacitar a las personas por medio de la experiencia, facilitar intercambios culturales, y crear nuevos líderes en la comunidad.

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